Casual Calories

Chores– Try to think about how the movements you do at the gym correlate with the movements you use doing your chores. Think about how you can increase the intensity (while maintaining the integrity of a clean house). Can you scrub harder, can you go faster, slower, do it in a more challenging position, carry more at a time, switch sides?

Grocery shopping/ shopping– Eliminate the cart. If it’s a lighter shopping trip see how many items you can carry around without one. If it’s a medium trip use the cart while shopping and see if you can carry all of your bags to the car. If it’s a heavy trip try to get all the groceries in the house in under 3 trips. Once you’re in the house time yourself when putting up your groceries and try to get it done in under 5 minutes (without dropping anything). Try to beat your time each trip. I do this at Sams all the time and it’s a true workout.

Game night– I love a game of spades as much as the next one but maybe try to throw in a game that requires more physical participation. Twister, charades and ping pong are great ones to do at home. If you opt to take the game night elsewhere the options are endless bowling, laser tag, paintball, volleyball etc. If you’re really skilled, join a recreational league.

Walking your dog– Sometimes when we walk our dogs we only have enough time to let our pet do their business. Try to schedule in an extra 10-15 minutes on each trip and pick up the pace (maybe a jog). This helps your dog get in extra exercise as well so it’s a win win.

Play with your kids– I don’t have children but when I worked with them/ babysit I am always exhausted. What toddler doesn’t love to be picked up and flipped a thousand times? Literally anything a child can think of for fun will give you a workout. Try setting a timer to 20-30 minutes and get the credit for the cardio you’re putting in all the time.

Take the stairs– I live in a 3rd floor walk up so my option to take the stairs really isn’t an option at all. However I love it! Choose to take the stairs whenever it is an option: home, work, public transportation, mall etc.

Go dancing– Don’t be the person who holds a drink and the wall. Get out there and dance your calories away. For most people this will be an even exchange (calories consumed v calories burned) based on how much you partake .

Sex– Dominate the bedroom like you dominate the gym . Max effort for max results. This is counting for calories so make it count.

~Casual Calories~