Love The Skin You’re In

Everyone critiques their body. “I wish this was a little smaller, bigger, tighter, softer, longer, shorter” and the list goes on. There is healthy criticism and unhealthy criticism. Healthy criticism can serve as the catalyst that pushes you to achieve your goals. The beauty of exercise and diet is that you can make the healthy changes you desire!

Criticism can be unhealthy when you become consumed with the end goal and are unhappy with everything in between. As a bikini competitor my body goes through different stages. I have periods where I’m leaner, where I weigh less, where I weigh more, where I can eat less or eat more etc. While we all have different opinions of what the “best body” is, we ultimately need to realize that our current body is our best body. After all it’s the only one we have.

Once you see your current body as your best body you will take pride in taking care of it. This could be through exercise, healthier eating choices, massage, meditation, adequate sleep or engaging in fun activities. When you celebrate every step of the journey the outcome is even more rewarding. Maybe my abs aren’t popping today, maybe these jeans don’t fit, maybe I can’t squat that extra 5 pounds I put on the bar but one day I will, one day I will do even more and today I am still kicking butt. Enjoy the process to the progress.

Love the skin you’re in!